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based Cherbourg

Jocalia, HR 36 cruising Scotland 2017




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Founded in 1979 Tops'l is a 'not for profit' south coast sailing club, sailing in the Solent and further afield
members are effectively part owners of three superb quality yachts
- yet the club is no ordinary yacht share!

Based at Port Solent, members of Tops’l Sailing Club enjoy an unusual and extremely cost effective way to pursue sailing. The Club was originally founded on the basis that to sail as a member should be as much like being a private owner and as affordable as possible. An ethos that continues today.

With an emphasis on cruising, our yachts are all fully equipped for comfort and carry up to date safety equipment. Maintenance is of paramount importance.

The diverse characteristics of our small fleet (HR36, Southerly 110 swing keel and a Dufour 380) guarantee sailing to suit everyone, from the experiences of offshore and ocean passages to discovery of new cruising grounds and gentle exploration of shallow creeks;not forgetting the fabulous sailing on hand in our home waters of the Solent and south coast.

Within Tops'l there is a spirit of adventure amongst friendly like minded people; club sails and social events add to the welcoming club atmosphere. You may be a beginner or have spent a lifetime at sea; you may have limited time for sailing or all the time in the world.. Tops'l could be just what you are looking for !...

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Just a few of the many benefits enjoyed by Tops'l members..
  • A sense of ownership without the associated worries, costs and time commitment
  • No limit to when or how many days you sail
  • Reduced rate for winter sailing
  • Fantastic opportunities to improve sailing skills, for mile building and.... only if you want to... try some boat maintenance
  • Always members to sail with, plus you may sail exclusively with your own family and friends
  • Choice of sailing areas each season

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