About Tops'l

Tops'l Sailcruise was founded on the basis that to sail with the club should
be as much like being a private owner and as affordable as possible

Our base is Port Solent, close to Portsmouth Harbour, a thriving modern marina set against a backdrop of shops, restaurants, bars, a cinema and a leisure centre. Serviced by a 24 hour lock with the Marine Superstore and all maintenance services on hand.

Over a time span of more than thirty years, we have steadily and successfully evolved from the ideas of one man (an airline pilot) and his brand new 30' Halmatic to a fleet of three superb yachts and believe we still enjoy the most cost effective and satisfying way to sail.

Tops'l now attracts people from all walks of life; everyone has in common a love of sailing. Members enthusiastically embrace all that the Club offers and the spirit of adventure with which it all began is still very much in evidence.

In a fun and inclusive atmosphere, there is always someone to sail with; members get together and also have the facility to sail exclusively with family and friends. There is no restriction on how many days may be sailed and with an emphasis on cruising, plenty of opportunites for improvement of skills, mile building, offshore and sometimes ocean sailing.

Tops'l began as a proprietary club owned by the founder but as numbers grew was re-structured into a strictly non profit making, private limited company and as such, is run for the members by the members on a voluntary basis. No one receives remuneration. The management team of six elected directors work alongside two secretaries, membership and treasury. A team of bosuns have the task of making sure the boats are kept in service and that a high standard of maintenance is achieved.

All members are shareholders and therefore part owners of the clubs assets. Share holdings amongst members vary considerably but fairness is achieved by an annual discount in the form of annual sailing vouchers which are issued pro rata to the individual shareholding and reduce sailing charges significantly. Therefore the more invested, the cheaper our day to day sailing becomes ...see costs

Since Tops'l was re-structured in 1989 the share price has steadily increased from £1 to £2.72 (April 2016. ) Shares are redeemed by the club; there is no searching around for someone to buy them.

Could any of the following apply to you...?

  • you want to sail, but your friends don't and your partner isn't too happy about 'being tipped up''
  • have you owned your own boat but found it too costly or had difficulties finding crew ?
  • do you want to sail with your family and friends but find chartering and commercial set-ups far too expensive ?
  • are you thinking of buying your own boat one day but would like to build up some experience first and learn about maintenance ?
  • you are a busy person, just want to sail, without too much involvement
  • would you like the opportunity to experience boats that sail well in different locations each season ?
  • you've never done any real offshore passages and think the club's annual cruising can offer opportunities to extend your sailing experiences...

then Tops'l could be the perfect solution..... follow the buttons at the top of the page to find out more..